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College Mentorship

A2A is a free mentorship program open to all college students. Choose from one of our tracks to be paired with an industry professional who can provide resources and coaching. We are mentors who believe that college can be a transformative time and want to help along the way.

Mentorship Tracks

Snack Chat

- Explore Irvine's popular snack and dessert stops

- Get the inside scoop about UCI from alumni

- Ask your questions about majors, college, and anything else


- learn to be someone who can make an impact

- discover your potential for growth in college

Career Launchpad

- get guidance from industry professionals

- create a standout resume and cover letter

- prepare for job applications, LinkedIn, and interview skills

College Survival Kit

- Manage Stress

- Learning to Focus

- Get tips on cooking and financial responsibility

Relating Authentically

- Learn to make and sustain long-lasting friendships

- Dive into identity and purpose

- learn to skip the small talk and connect deeper

Exploring Christianity

- Explore the intellectual foundations of Christian beliefs and values

- Learn how Christianity addresses the biggest questions of life and purpose

- Gain a deeper understanding of your own faith or explore new perspectives

Reel Talk w/The Chosen

- Learn about the life of Jesus through the Chosen series

- Watch and discuss with a mentor who Jesus was and what he was like

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How It Works!

It's easy! Just pick a track and we'll pair you with a personal mentor. Over the course of 4 sessions, you and your mentor will go through focused modularized content. However, the mentorship will be largely driven by your questions and interests, so you are encouraged to bring topics you're interested in to each session.

Mentor Spotlight

Interested in Mentorship?

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