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Uniting Through Welcome Week: UCI's Church Team's Journey to Embrace The New School Year


The beginning of a university journey is a pivotal moment for incoming students, and at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), the Welcome Week holds significant importance in introducing new faces to campus life. Amidst the whirlwind of orientations and campus tours, the Irvine Church team at UCI embraced the task of fostering connections and spiritual engagement among the 10,000 incoming freshmen.

Recognizing the opportunity to build a strong community, the uci church team pooled their resources and creativity to plan a series of events to cater to a diverse array of interests and needs. The primary goal was to reach out in love and care to these newcomers, inviting them to explore spirituality, find companionship, and provide support throughout their collegiate journey.

One of the cornerstone initiatives was the use of spiritual surveys to understand the diverse spiritual landscape among the incoming students. This approach allowed the team to tailor their events and engagements to meet the needs of students from various backgrounds and belief systems. We also made sure to not bother or reach out to people who were not interest, the goal of the surveys was to find those who are truly interested in our resources and help.

The Welcome Week showcased a variety of events designed to resonate with the incoming class in University of California Irvine. The team organized a vibrant Worship Session, where students united in a time of musical worship, with instruments, fostering an atmosphere of spiritual connection and solidarity.

Further, the engaging Crew Wars event added a zest of friendly competition to the mix. Pitting the Mesa and Middle Housing teams against each other, this event in Aldrich Park was brimming with physical activities, fostering teamwork and healthy rivalry among the students in Irvine.

On Sunday, we had the Sunday Service for our Irvine Church in the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) became a unique platform for spiritual nourishment, providing a comfortable space for students to connect through faith and community.

We also had smaller events in the irvine campus like "Just Juniors" which was a testament to the team's dedication to providing academic and emotional support across all backgrounds. Targeted towards transfer and junior students approaching graduation, the event offered a supportive panel and resources, ensuring these students felt guided and empowered in their academic journey in UCI.

However, the pinnacle of the Welcome Week initiatives was the Freshman Retreat. This off-campus venture to San Diego allowed the freshman class to engage in a SoCal-wide retreat. It encompassed messages of inspiration, various sports, engaging activities, and moments of collective prayer, fostering strong bonds and lasting connections among the attendees.

In conclusion, UCI's Welcome Week, curated and orchestrated by the irvine church team, served as a beacon of unity, bridging the gap between 10,000 new students and the spiritual fabric of the university. Through a medley of events, from worship sessions to friendly competitions and supportive resources, the team successfully nurtured a sense of belonging and community, laying a firm foundation for the new academic chapter in the lives of these students.

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